Review Makan: Gaza Restaurant, Taman Melati

Berkesempatan ke Gaza Restaurant yang menyediakan makanan Palestin di Taman Melati, Kuala Lumpur. Makanannya boleh tahan. Jemput tengok gambar yang saya sekeluarga makan :) 

Jika rasa nak makan makanan arab, bolehlah cuba kat sini. Harga pun berpatutan. Untuk makanan + layanan + rasa, saya bagi 3.5/5 bintang. Hehe.

Review Shopping: Aeon MaxValu

Text: Zaila Hafni
Photos: Gamuda Walk

Since our first visit to Gamuda Walk, we already fall in love with the ambience and environment of this place. It is officially open end of last year, but only last month we're able to go there.

The purpose of going there mainly because we want to go to Mr DIY. That's the nearest branch to us. But as you know when going to a will end up going other stores too. Hehe.

Aeon Maxvalu is a convenient store which offers household products and wet market.

The prices are quite reasonable and there is a lot of imported stuffs. I found that the baking shelves offer quite a number of choices of cake premix, cake or dessert decorations. But for Muslims, please take note for the halal products.

As for fruits and vegetables, you can have the premium quality and organic here. It's a bit pricey but thats the price for quality. You can see organic spinach, non-gmo corns, premium grade chives and many more.

The wet market also offers fresh tenggiri, ikan merah, prawns, squids and other seafoods, aussie beef and Nutriplus chicken (to name a few). And sometimes they offer 50% discount for selected items (to clear stocks for that day). You can have 3 pieces of tenggiri at about RM4.00++ only after less 50%. That is the best part. You still have a chance of getting your 'lauk' for cheaper price and still in good condition, but please check first lah. Choose the best among all 50% packets. Hehe.

And what I like the most is, I can use my Aeon member card here. So while shopping you are earning your points! So don't forget to flash your Aeon card while shopping in Maxvalu.

If you are looking for a fresh and imported products, you can consider coming here. Maxvalu is quite a value for your money.

More info, you can go to

Birthday 'Microwave' Cake

Text & Photo: Zaila Hafni

Yesterday was my son's 3rd birthday. Were thinking from last month that by yesterday I would be able to make a birthday cake for him on my own.

Since we don't have any oven or toaster oven, a microwave cake should be enough. Furthermore, I found a very simple recipe for a 3-minute chocolate cake with easy ingredients too.

So I give it a try.

I tried few times. There are times the cake appeared a bit hard. Sometimes too soft. I do experience with real cocoa powder instead of chocolate drink powder. Also replacing fresh milk with condensed milk. Quite few trials and errors.

And yesterday alhamdulillah the cake turns ok. Ok for an amateur like me.

Here is the recipe I used to make the birthday cake. Super simple and its done less than 15 minutes! And without oven!


8 spoonfuls Vico/Milo powder
8 spoonfuls self raising flour
8 spoonfuls brown sugar
8 spoonfuls full cream milk
8 spoonfuls cooking oil
2 eggs

Put all ingredients in a bowl. Mix well. Find a microwaveable bowl (preferably glass, but can use plastic), transfer the batter. Put in the microwave and set for 6 minutes. Once done, take it out carefully as it is very hot. Splash some chocolate syrup (or chocolate ganache) on top. Sprinkle with colour rice. Done!

This is actually for 2 portions of cake. For easy breakfast or hi tea, you can half the amount (4 spoonfuls of all ingredients and 1 egg), mix well and put in 2 small bowls or mugs. Microwave it for only 3 minutes. Tadaaa! Your chocolatey snack is ready.

No oven. No mixer.

So don't forget to try this easy peasy chocolate excuses for not making a cake if you don't have the oven!

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